Hi and welcome to Papyrus Jungle. As you know recently Provo Craft has been involved with law suits and has settled with Make the Cut a 3rd party software.  I find this so sad.  The creators of this software have opened the door for so many people that love to paper craft, make scrap books, and all sorts of other wonderful projects.  What Provo Craft doesn't understand is 99 percent of these people, would still buy their cartridges and all their other products.  I know 1767 people make not seem like a lot.  But Provo Craft needs to start listening to their consumers.  It isn't some little facebook page that is upset.  There are thousands of people that are dis-satisfied they just haven't vocalized it.  There are lots of websites, and blogs that are offering wonderful machine comparisons.  I will be posting links to these sites.  The only 2 machines I could offer an opion on is My Black Cat Cougar which is number one in my book, and my expression. 

To find excellent information please visit the Make the Cut Forum  and also visit the Boycott Provo Craft page on Facebook.  You will find a lot of wonderful information. Also if you are looking for a different cutter,  make sure you get one that is compatible with Make The Cut Software,  the best 3rd party cutting software in my opinion.