Need your opinions

Now that you have all been able to preview my newest pattern, I would appreciate some feed back on it, please.

There are 2 ways I would like to offer this pattern, the first way is the way shown. Where you can cut the boxes and attach the lettering to give it some contrast. The second way which I haven't been able to accomplish yet would be to have the letter actually inserted into the box then you would have the ability to add a tea light (battery operated) into the box to light up the lettering. I love both ways. But which way do you like or do you like both. Hopefully I can cut the second way and get an example up this week. Thanks in advance and have a great day. PS as a thank you I will send you this pattern if you comment.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I love both ways but
    I think that I like the second way more.
    hugs Linda