Whoa Monday is here and gone again. YIPPEE

I truly dislike Mondays, the only good thing about a monday (unless it is a holiday), is that it is only 4 days and a wakeup until Friday.  One of my favorite days of the week.  I am so excited that you all are enjoying the free patterns. I really enjoy making them, and creating with RJ.  And if you haven't checked his site out please do, you will see some really awesome things he creates.  Visit his site at RJ Ogren  check out his murals.  WOW is all I can say.

Today I thought I would share some of my very favorite sites that I haunt all the time.  These people to me are so talented I really am always in awe of the work they do.  One of my favorites not only for her artistry but for her kindness and sweetness all the time is
Penny Duncan  This is another WOW factor for me.  Plus the fact she is such a talented person and has picked up using her Black Cat Lynx so quickly, plus a mom, wife, works full time, and still manages to come up with tremendous ideas.

There is a new forum in town, and don't let the name fool you.  Black Cat US.  It is a wonderful new forum,  all are invited, even if you craft with finger nail clippers.  It is filled with lots of wonderful, caring talented people also.  That are really a ton of fun to be around.

Now for those wanting to learn inkscape, would have to be Inkscape Cutting Designs .  So many knowledgeable people that know so much about Inkscape, they can answer questions regarding many cutting machines.

A new site that has just started some really awesome cutting supplis is
All that Jazz Supplies.  He sells some really neat stuff all tested using his Black Cat Cougar, and I can say that when he tests he really tests.  I have seen his testing of vinyl.  It was 24" by 13 feet.  Now that is testing your products.  He also offers, shrink plastic, double sided adhesive sheets, leather paper, (I can't wait to order some of that),  fuzzy paper, chip board, grunge board.  And the list goes on and on. 

Please these aren't all the sites I love and visit,  just a few too start with.  If you have sites Papyrus Jungle

Have a great Monday.

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