All That Jazz Supplies

I can't say enough about this site. I ordered some really cool supplies from Tyler on Friday. Do you know within 5 minutes I had an email stating is was ready to ship. And I got it today. Now this is the postal service's fault. They even admitted it was there mistake. I would have had it on Monday. It was packed so nice to begin with. I ordered some of the leather paper. Which when you feel it, it really feels like leather, and I order some of the Animal Hide Paper, The texture is so awesome. These 2 items don't feel like paper at all. Gosh I don't know if I want to cut them they are so pretty.
Then I also ordered some of the foiling sheets. Well I had gotten some from Michaels. Don't waste the money. This foil sheets are so much better, Almost like very thin metal. Seriously, I know they will cut well, Tyler has done that for me already.

Check out his store you won't regret it. Great service, and the best prices for such high quality materials. You would never find this stuff in any craft store.

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  1. I absolutely TOTALLY agree!!!! Tyler's products are AMAZING!!!! And the customer service is FANTASTIC!!!!!!