My Wacom Cintiq

If you look further down you will see the heart wrenching story about the ancient Cintiq I purchased,  Now I never ever have asked God for patience, but this has been the most patient having to endure experience.  The cable came on Monday morning at work.  So I had to wait all day to get home.  I finally got home. And would you believe this.  We had that puppy up and running in about 5 minutes.  Seriously you have to go check out the Wacom site and just watch the video on the Cintiq.  No mine is the pretty big one (drooling all over my keyboard) Mine is almost 10 years old but it is my baby.  It is my second best friend next to my Black Cat Cougar.  This is one of the most remarkable pieces of equipment made.  You work right on the screen.  In fact it is designed for graphic artists.  But hey us crafters need stuff also. 

I know I have shared before but to catch everyone up. I am not an artist.  I have no artistic ability at all.  I can figure stuff out, but haven't really got an ounce of my own creativity.  So being partnered with RJ Ogren is a crafters dream match.  He draws these beautiful sketches and I make the patterns.  Well now that I work directly on his designs, I actually feel I have some creativity in me.  I can better control the work and details.  And my hubby who is the Techno Geek of anything Adobe, has shown me some great tricks he learned from his Illustrator class.  I will be shooting some video here this weekend to show you all how it is done. 

Have a super great evening. And watch for our new free file later this week.

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  1. Suzan, where are the videos? I have two Wacom tablets, a Bamboo and a Intuos one, I have never taken the time to figure them out and so I don't use them and I really need to! Help!!! LOL