On almost all the forum  I belong too, I have stated for at least 2 years that I want and need a Wacom Cintiq.  Mind you until last week I didn't ever think I would get one.  The one I ultimately want is 2000.00 a 21" screen that you work directly on. Nothing like the bamboo tablets.  Well, I found an older smaller one on Ebay got a great deal on it.  It came in pristine condition.  Well it was missing one tiny thing, a USB cable.  Now when I say USB cable we all know what that is.  But no Wacom makes theirs special.  Round on one end like an S video cable and usb on the other.  Needless to say, this cable is impossible to find any where in the world.  So I called Wacom, and asked them if they could give me the mapping for the cable (way to technical for me). The day I called was right before Memorial day and they were closing early.  So Tuesday, I decide they can't help, so I got the bright idea of googling the same thing. Well lo and behold I found a really great site that had it.  I called my wonderful Techno Hubby and he said if he had the mapping he could make it.  No sooner had I emailed to 3 different emails (so I wouldn't loose the site), did my phone ring.  It was Wacom.  No they couldn't give me the mapping, but (extra long pause on the phone).  They actually found a brand new cable in the repair shop.  And guess what it is for the one I bought.  I asked how much for it and shipping.  This is what the nice young man told me.  Suzan, we feel really bad for all you have been through trying to find this cable.  We are sending it to you for free.  I was shocked. Wacom didn't owe me a thing,  I didn't buy from them (well if I could afford it I would).  I guess the moral of the story is.  There still are really great corporations out there.  These guys didn't have to give me the time of day from the first call.  But they took the time to look and help me out.  Oh yes they are located in Washington.

Well I still can't afford 2000.00 for the 21 inch, and I don't know if I could justify spending that much since my site is so new.  But let me tell you.  I will one day buy from them because of their customer service.


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