It's another Happy Friday

First off Happy Friday it is my very favorite day of the week especially near 4 pm. 

I just want to let everyone know, the Papyrus Jungle store is down for a few days.  When we were trying to upgrade it,  poof some files got corrupted and now we have to start from scratch.  The great thing is with the upgrade there are a lot of new wonder features. 

Also if you go to Main Street Arts and Crafts you will see a new addition to our Street.  I really want to give a super warm welcome To Tyler and Nicki and their wonderful store All That Jazz Supplies
They go above and beyond the duty of supplying wonderful supplies for all of us crafters.  I have ordered 3 times and 1 I am amazed at how it gets from one coast to the other in a couple of days. 2.  How well it is packed, and 3. The quality of the materials they sell.  It is beyond amazing.  I have ordered some of the most awesome leather paper, and textured paper, and foils, and his chipboard are to die for.  It all cuts like butter.  Tyler and Nicki think about quality all the time. 

So check out their site you will be amazed.

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