Happy 3 day weekend

I can't believe it is final Labor Day weekend. I love 3 day weekends. There are way to few of them. I just want to share a couple of really great projects that have been in the works lately. The first one is by my dear friend Kathy a wonderful talented crafter who takes our designs and just makes the most awesome creations. This is from our Castle Creation collection. Kathy has taken and made this huge so her little boy can actually play with it. She isn't quite finished with it but I just had to share a picture of the progress.

When completed her little boy will be able to have his own magical adventures. This was done by painting a back ground on sheet metal and laminating the characters and attaching magnets so he can play. Isn't this awesome.

2ndly my mom is the school librarian at Desert Chapel. Every year she does an awesome bulletin board and this year was Cat in the Hat. I cut the Cat in the Hat in pieces and once he was assembled he was 3 feet tall. I am personally quite proud of this, as it was the largest project I had ever cut.


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